Captadores de sol y vientos      CSV
captors of sun and wind      CSW
Energias limpias, eficientes y renovables a los mejores precios - Clean, efficient and renewable energies for the best prices

Welcome to the world of the Captors of sun and wind, and their applications.

The evolution of the clean technologies, are confirming the expectation for a safe present and future, for the humanity and the planet Earth.

We offer you the best of our minds and souls, to achieve together the wellness that will make possible the evolution of life and the demographic growth, in peace and equilibrium with all the ecosystems.

The life and the peace are being achieved with love and technologies, not with the weapons.

The happiness receipt:

Life + Sun + Wind + Water + Food + Air + Time + Heat + Cold + Equilibrium + Love + Technologies + Energies + Education + Health + Peace + Evolution + Etc.


The food and the water are being achieved with the energies.

The technologies are being achieved with education and with the work.

The energies are mean for the life and the health, not for harming and destroying them.

The life is energies.

Thanks everybody. Thanks Internet.

With love from Europe for the whole world: